Issue while expanding and collapsing in longlistselector

The Featured Discussion Board Post this week is Issue while expanding and collapsing in longlistselector started by Vineet Jain.

Vineet is developing a Windows Phone application. He has implemented a long list selector. Each item in the list has a header and a rectangle, which can be expanded to make it visible, or collapsed. His implementation works fine when only one item is expanded, but when a second item is expanded, a space is created between the two items that is equivalent in size to the list item rectangle.

While this issue remained unsolved for a long time, the thread was recently bumped by Chovik, who wanted to know if the issue had a solution. Vineet returned to the thread and suggested that Chovik could try playing around with repositioning the ExpanderView elements, using the stack panels and grids to fine-tune. In his own case what worked for him was repositioning the ExpanderView.Header tag and also adding a new ExpanderView.Expander Template. This he backs with a sample code.

We decided to feature this thread to illustrate that it might be worth bumping an old thread even if it hasn’t been resolved, because sometimes the solution has already been identified.

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