Showing Wait Screen while waiting for thread to complete

The Featured Discussion Board Post this week is Showing Wait Screen while waiting for thread to complete started by DiMarco.

DiMarco wants to show some kind of wait screen while his application waits for a thread to be finished so that the results of the thread are available for use. His wait screen works when he calls it without waiting for the thread completion.  However it doesn’t work when he waits for the thread to complete before calling it. He provides samples in his post showing what he has already tried, which includes join and wait notify.

Gergely Csúcs explains how the join, which is just a displayable event, is built around an event dispatcher which queues up the events and dispatches them one by one. So when the event handler does not return (because it is waiting for the join), it will not get displayed while waiting. Later when it gets displayed, it immediately gets superseded by the next screen. He adds that the same applies to the wait loop.

Gergely also refers DiMarco to another thread where similar things were discussed in detail. DiMarco confirms that he finds Gergely’s explanation acceptable and adds that the solution in the referring thread was what he needed.

We decided to feature this thread because of the exemplary way in which the query was posted and answered, and also to show how solutions can be found in the vast bank of already answered threads on the Nokia Developer Discussion Boards.

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