GetUserTopArtists & GetUserPlayHistory API calls return no result (Featured Dibo post)

The Featured Discussion Board Post this week is GetUserTopArtists & GetUserPlayHistory API calls return no result started by Loghorn

Loghorn is developing a Nokia MixRadio Windows Phone based application. He is trying to collect user data using GetUserTopArtists and GetUserPlayHistory, but these API calls do not return the expected results.

Mattcooper acknowledges that the current live version of MixRadio version 4.2 contains a defect that prevents user activity from being returned by these methods. He adds that it has been fixed and will be included in the next live release of MixRadio version 4.3. meanwhile tells how he works-around this problem: if GetUserTopArtists does not return any data, he uses data from GetTopArtistsAsync so he can show the user some artists, even if he does not have their artist. Loghorn confirms that he did the same and also looked at the artist of the local music library as an alternative.

We decided to feature this article because it highlights the bug and its impending fix in the Nokia MixRadio Windows Phone API.

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