HTML Agility Pack Implementation

The Featured Discussion Board Post this week is HTML Agility Pack Implementation started by Keith Kerswell.

Keith is developing an application on Windows Phone 8. He is looking for an implementation of the HTML Agility Pack that will help him extract data out of his target webpage and display the page in his application.

Keith has tried various online samples and tutorials but is unable to implement it and wants help to find suitable resource. Neil Turner not only provides him with step by step guide on how to do it, but also helps him with some common issues and fixes. Neil gives him consistent support to see him through with the full solution, with suggestions like using HttpClient rather than WebClient for his use case.

Keith is able to completely sort out his issues and successfully implement the HTML Agility Pack.

We decided to feature this thread because it highlights how the community can help you persistently to sort out all issues.  The thread also highlights the utility of the HTML Agility Pack.

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